Katerina Aivalioti,
Real Estate Consultant

Making Your Vision a Reality

I have been living on this beautiful island called Lesvos for 20 years.  Lesvos is not a well known island of Greece, but it sure is a “hidden gem”.  This island is to be discovered, explored and simply to fall in love with.  


Born in Athens, Greece and raised in Elliot, Eastern Cape of South Africa.  In the old Transkei region which is the native land of Nelson Mandela.  The Xhosa tribe live there and I was raised with a Xhosa lady and I learnt the language.  In Elliot I attended an Afrikaans school for 10 years. Afrikaans is a mixture of Old Dutch, German and French creole. My parents are both Greek and they come from Lesvos island.  Greek was spoken at home.


After great violence broke out in SA, it was not safe to live there anymore.  We packed up and sold everything we owned.  All our belongings were shipped in  two large containers and moved  to Lesvos island.  I completed the Private American Community School of Athens.  


My next journey took me to an old red brick university in Southampton, UK.

There I completed my studies and got a BSc in Economics and political science.


For the last 20 years I have been involved in real estate on Lesvos island.  I also manage my airbnb cottage in Plomari.  I am married to a Greek man from Mytilini and I have two children. 

We built our home in Plomari and supervised the construction from the first brick unttil the last nail.

We love our new home and living on this island as it has everything a family can ever ask for.